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The field of spatial planning is blessed with a wide array of relevant conferences, spanning all disciplines, sectors and geographical areas. Whether you are a young or senior academic, an early career planner or senior consultant, these conferences provide unique outlets to share your work. The following conferences are typically hosted by eponymous networks/communities of practice within spatial planning, geography, architecture, engineering or related fields. They are listed by discipline and geographical location.

Read also tips from Daniela Carl, member of the Regional Studies Association, about how to network at conferences, supplemented with useful links. Being an introvert is no excuse for not sharing your work!

Delphi Amphitheater in Greece. Picture credit: Timothy Keefe on Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.




On the planning education side, GPEAN is the World Urban Planning Education Network (WUPEN). It provides a comprehensive list of planning conferences and events hosted by member organisations. It is jointly-administered by the UN-Habitat Liaison. In passing, check out their job offerings page! Here is a list of GPEAN members.

The International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) holds a wide number of events and conferences. In 2019, its 55th Congress was held in Jakarta and Bogor, Indonesia, September 9-13, with the following Proceedings.


Association of European Schools of Spatial Planning (AESOP) Annual Congress.AESOP hosts its annual conference at a different member institution each year. In 2020, this will be hosted at the University of West England in Bristol, UK, 7-11 July 2020. The Young Academics (AESOP YA) network also hosts an annual early career researchers’ conference, in 2020 in Prague, 30 March-2 April.

The Regional Studies Association (RSA) holds a wide number of international conferences. Its annual conference in 2020 will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on June 17-20. Like the AESOP YA network, the RSA holds an early career conference. In 2020, the latter will take place in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, March 24-25.

Permanent European Conference for the Study of the Rural Landscapes (PECSRL). The conference is held every two years. The 29th edition is themed ‘Living together in European Rural Landscapes’. It will take place on 21-27 September 2020, jointly hosted by the University of Jaén and the UNIA-Antonio Machado in Baeza. Abstract deadline: 1 February 2020.


Annual conference of the Italian Scientific Society for Urbanism. The 23rd edition themed ‘Downscaling, Rightsizing’ will take place on 21-23 June 2020 in Torino [Turin].

Annual Research Showcase of the National Institute for Urbanism. In 2020 the conference will take place in December in Naples. See the following preliminary information about the upcoming conference.

International Conference on Innovation in Urban and Regional Planning (INPUT). The 11th edition will take place on 9-11 September at the University of Catania.

UK & Ireland

Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Convention. Stay put for further information about the 2020 edition.

RTPI Young Planners’ Conference. In 2020, the Young Planners will hold their annual conference in October in Edinburgh.

UK-Ireland Planning & Research Conference. The 2020 edition of the conference will be held on 7-9 September at the Bartlett School of Planning (UCL), London.



American Planning Association (APA) National Planning Conference. The national conference of the APA is among the international must-go conferences. In 2020 it will be held in Houston, April 25-28.

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) Annual Conference. The ASCP is the North-American counterpart to the AESOP community. Their member institutions are mostly located in the USA. This year the annual conference will take place in Toronto, November 4-8, and in Miami, Florida, on October 21-24 in 2021. The conferences are hosted by local affiliated universities.

Association of African Planning Schools (AAPS). The AAPS comprises 57 member institutions. Stay put on their news feed about upcoming events.

Urbain Affairs Assocation (UAA) Annual Conference. The US-based Urban Affairs Association annual conference will celebrate its 50th anniversary in Washington DC on April 2-4 2020. The 2021 edition will convene in Nashville, Tennessee, April 21-24.

Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) Annual Conference. In 2020, the CIP will hold its annual conference on July 7-10 in Whistler, British Columbia.


The Association of Latin-American Schools of Urbanism and Planning (ALEUP) held its last Congress in 2018.


Planning Institute Australia (PIA) Annual Congress. In 2020, the Annual Congress will take place on 13-15 May in Adelaide.



American Geographical Association (AGA) Annual Meeting. In 2020, the landmark AGA Annual Meeting will convene on April 6-10 in Denver (CO).

Royal Geographical Society (RGS)- IBG Annual International Conference. The conference attracts about 1800 geographers from around the world over a three-day period. In 2020, the conference will be held at the RGS in London, 1-4 September. Deadline for abstracts is 14 February 2020. The conference theme will be: borders, borderlands and bordering.



Space Syntax Symposium (SSS). The SSS is held on alternate years. Here are details of the 2019 edition which took place in Beijing. Do follow @SpaceSyntaxNet on Twitter for feeds about events and research.

GISRUK. The 2020 edition of GISRUK will be held on 21-24 April at Birkbeck and UCL in London.

**This page is crowdsourced!**

Send details of your favourite conferences to [email protected] by mentioning the conference name and its URL link, or by answering the following 2-minute online survey: