Visual Identity

The visual identity of the Young Academics Network (YAN) is building on the Branding Guidelines of the Association of European Schools of Planning. Additional to the overall logos accessible via the link above, the YAN-specific logos, fonts, and colours can be accessed below.


Cooper Hewitt Heavy
Like AESOP, the YAN uses Cooper Hewitt Heavy, a contemporary sans serif font created by Chester Jenkins. Cooper Hewitt is licensed under the SIL Open Font License and available for contribution, modification or download.
Open Sans
For body text, we use Open Sans, a clean and modern sans-serif typeface by Steve Matteson, designed for legibility across print, web, and mobile interfaces. Open Sans is also licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

Download all logos as png or pdf

Standard square logo [ png | pdf ]
Standard horizontal logo [ png | pdf ]

Black square logo [ png | pdf ]
Black horizontal logo [ png | pdf ]

White square logo [ png | pdf ]
White horizontal logo [ png | pdf ]

AESOP YA Logo Variations

Standard square logo     Standard horizontal logo


Black square logo    Black horizontal logo


White square logo     White horizontal logo


AESOP Young Academics Standard Colours

AESOP YA Orange: #dd802c
AESOP YA Black: #020303
AESOP YA Grey: #999999

Orange colour     Black colour     Grey colour