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Welcome to the blog of the Young Academics of the Association of the European Schools of Planning. It has a rich history. We welcome your contributions and you can find information on how to contribute and the guidelines here.

Passing on the torch to the new YA blog team!

7 min read The time has come to pass on the leadership and management of one of the best spatial planning blogs out there. You will likely have read it in the l...

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Farewell, and welcome: a new editor-in-chief for the YA blog

In early 2013, a freshman post-doc fellow, I was struggling around the idea of creating a research blog. At that time, not many blogs in the field of planning a...

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Highlights from 2016

2016 has been another rich year for the blog of the AESOP Young Academics, with more than 20 posts published on a wide variety of topics (more before). With mor...

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Highlights from the 2014

January has been a bit of a lazy month for the YA blog. After a great 2014, the team was in the need of some time before re-starting for an even better 2015. In...

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