Each year in spring, elections are held and new members are voted onto the Coordination Team (CT) for two years through a democratic election process between all members. One CT member with one-year seniority adopts the role as the YA Executive Officer (Chair) and represents the interests and development of the YA Network on the executive board of its parent body, AESOP.

What is it about?  The AESOP Young Academics (YA) network brings together nearly 2000 young planners and academics. We learn from each other, share experiences and opportunities, and represent our needs in the larger AESOP ecosystem. This is a shared task of many people. We currently have about 80 involved volunteers who are running AESOP YA's programmes and projects, such as the annual conference, PhD workshops, the PlaNext journal, blog, memories, booklets, regional ambassadors, and more. The Coordination Team is responsible for making sure that everything goes well with existing programmes and that new ones are initiated. Thus, joining the board of AESOP YA will allow you to get to know various topics, collaborate with a large international and motivated team, and gain new skills across topics. Within our team, task responsibilities are shared, allowing you to focus on those activities that you are most suitable for; or learning from others how to excel at new ones.

In short: We need you to help us continue running stimulating activities of our network. In return, we offer you lots of opportunities, new skills, and an expansive network of the planning practitioners and academics of tomorrow! This is an excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to support the plenty activities of AESOP, develop new activities, and gain insights across various planning topics and practical skills. If you want to find out more, check out a blog post from a former CT Chair, or get in touch with the current Coordination Team members.

Three new members will join the AESOP Young Academics CT from June 2023 for two years. Find out who was elected.

Visit the nomination and election page.