AESOP Memories project is an ongoing project jointly initiated by the Coordination Team of the Young Academics Network and AESOP. Project aims to keep the memories of senior scholars in AESOP alive. The idea of the project is that young scholars interview senior scholars, capturing their memories about AESOP. Additionally, we initiate an online archive that collects memories, but also physical objects, photos, videos and artifacts about AESOP from current and previous members.

This project represents also an important learning and training moment for young scholars who want to know more about both AESOP history and storytelling and interview methodologies.

Having started with the first phase including interviews with Patsy Healey and Klaus Kunzmann, now we are looking for 6 young scholars for new interviews and fostering the online archiving who are interested in being part of the project and who are familiar and/or interested in oral methodologies.

The participation in this project, in addition to giving you the unique occasion to learn about AESOP by meeting and interviewing leading international planners, will enrich your methodological skills, in particular you will:

  • Learn about the storytelling methodologies;
  • Prepare interview questions;
  • Conduct interviews;
  • Systemize the memories coming from the interviews;
  • Create and develop online archive;
  • Support the selection of the relevant materials for the memories webpage.

It includes a virtual training preparation with international experts on the topic of qualitative and interview methodologies, and the meeting and interview with leading senior scholars who have been crucial to the history and development of AESOP. It is a unique learning experience!

Interested in joining the team? Send your CV and 200 words motivation letter both to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 12th of May 2023!