The AESOP Young Academics Network, a loosely structured branch of the Association of European Schools of Planning, encourages active participation and scholarly exchange. From PhD students to post-docs and early-career academics, the YA Network serves as a platform for the intellectual leaders of tomorrow to share ideas in an open and inclusive environment, challenging and supporting each other to achieve academic excellence. The AESOP YA blog was launched in 2014 and is managed by the YA Coordination Team

Blog editors

The following dedicated team of YA blog editors manage and review incoming blog submissions.


2024 Blog editor Meher Bhagia

2024 Blog editor Müge Yaylacık

2024 Blog editor Jesse Fox
2024 Blog editor Fatıma Zehra Akman

Meher Bhagia

Meher, an architect and urban planner with a Ph.D. from Penn State University, specializes in researching cities and human settlements, focusing on rapid urbanization, housing crisis, and environmental equity in the Global South. She has contributed to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, addressing sustainable development.

Müge Yaylacık

Urban planner and MSc candidate at Politecnico di Milano. She works as a content manager at AESOP YA and focuses on smart urban mobility and child-oriented urban planning. Also, she is interested in dance like tango and salsa.

Jesse Fox

Jesse Fox is a PhD candidate in urbanism at Tel Aviv University, and a lecturer in the School of Sustainability at Reichman University. His doctoral research addresses questions of knowledge in planning discourses. 

Fatıma Zehra Akman

Urban planner and MSc candidate at KU Leuven. She works as a visual communicator at AESOP YA and focuses on resilient cities with cohesive society-oriented urban planning  where one of the sub-titles, human settlements and our cultural heritages, conflicts. Also, she is interested in sketching and video production.



We welcome proposals for contributions from members of the network, as well as non-members, and anyone interested in planning and research in a broader sense, including early-stage researchers, students, activists, and practitioners. This is a “quasi-academic” platform, a place for the exchange of ideas: information about events of relevance for both members and non-members; dissemination of “best practices”; debates on urban, environmental and social issues of interest for the general public, etc.

All types of content are welcome, including:

  •     summaries of your journal articles
  •     summaries of events/conferences you attended or organised
  •     book reviews
  •     personal reflections about the field of spatial planning
  •     academic career tips you would like to share, such as writing effective grant applications
  •     resources or toolboxes relevant to your field of expertise
  •     cross-posting from other blogs and platforms

Alongside traditional blog posts, we also highly encourage innovative formats such as, but not limited to: podcasts, video abstracts, 3-minute sprints, artistic contributions, infographics, photo essays, and so on. 

If you wish to propose or submit a post, or for any other inquiries related to the YA blog, please email us at: [email protected]

Please read out submission guidelines carefully before sending us your proposal. 


Articles give the views of the author, and not the position of the AESOP Young Academics network.

All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.