Best Paper Prizes

The YA Network awards two best paper prizes in collaboration with international journals annually:

i) the YA conference Best Paper Prize (launched in 2009) and
ii) the YA Best Paper Prize at the AESOP congress (launched in 2013).

YA Conference Best Paper Prize

2019, Urban Design and Planning

Chan, Elton “Public Space as Commodity Social Production of the Hong Kong Waterfront”

Caramaschi, Sara “Reclaiming Organizing and Maintaining Temporary Places in San Francisco, California. Commoning in the Midst of Changing Urban Environments.”

Eligue, John Ceffrey “Meanings of Home and Sense of Community among Smokey Mountain Development and Resettlement Project (SMDRP) Residents”

2018, disP – The Planning Review & PlaNext 

Delphine “MEGAPROJECTS - AN ANATOMY OF PERCEPTION Residents' Perceptions of Megaprojects: The Case of Suramadu, Indonesia”

Matoga, Agnes “Deconstructing temporary use. A tool between bottom up and top down urbanism within a changing planning culture?”

2017, DiSP - The Planning Review & PlaNext

Matoga, Agnes How media shape the perception of temporary uses. A qualitative media analysis on vacancy and temporary uses in Vienna.
Chen, Xueying Deconstructing Chinese entrepreneurialism in urban regeneration programmes: A case study in Shanghai and Hangzhou.
Luque-Martin, Irene & Izquierdo-Cubero, Jorge Developing a planning support system towards a collaborative planning practice.
Guadalupi, Camilla Professionals of the unplanned - An emerging expertise.

2016, Journal of European Planning Studies

Babelon, Ian "Engaging with the Virtual City: PPGIS, 3D Models and Spatial Governance".

2015, Urban Research and Practice

Ludwig, Carol "From Bricks and Mortar to Social Meanings: Epistemology and Heritage Designation in England".
Melgaço, Lorena Silva Marques "Spatial Practices in Socio-technological Peripheries: The Case of Rurban Communities in Brazil".

2014, Urban Research and Practice

Garcia Lamarca, Melissa “From Occupying Plazas to Recuperating Housing: Insurgent Practices in Spain”.

2013, Journal of Rural Studies

Wang, Zheng “Exploring the Social Resilience of Chinese Cities through the Case of Integrating Rural Migrants into the Urban Society”.

2012, Urban Research and Practice

Hammami, Feras “Legitimation of Interventions in Historic City Areas: The case of the Well–preserved Ystad”, (published ahead of print 27 May 2015).

2010, Planning Theory and Practice

Hammami, Feras “Cultural Conservation Under Occupation Conflictual Powers and Meanings” (published on vol. 13, n. 2, 2012).

2009, Town Planning Review

Hopkins, Diane “The Emancipatory Limits of Participation in Planning: Equity and Power in Deliberative Plan-making in Perth, Western Australia” (published on vol. 81, n. 1, 2010).