RSA Professional Development Webinar recordings

We are happy to share the recordings of the two first Professional Development Webinars we co-hosted with the Regional Studies Association (RSA)!

In total we are co-hosting three webinars as part of the RSA’s Professional Development Webinar Series specifically designed for PhD students and early career researchers. The sessions will address different issues concerned with navigating career success. As with all RSA webinars, these webinars are free and open to all to attend live and do not require a current membership of either Association. The recording of the webinar will be made available after the webinar via the RSA Lounge and YAN website.

Find the first two recordings below:

27 March, 2024- Effective Grant Application Writing

The first webinar brought together early career and established researchers to provide practical advice on how to write successful grant proposals, what elements review panels are looking for and what support is available.

28 March, 2024-  Career Transition from PhD Student to Early Career Researcher

The second webinar focused on the transition from PhD student to early career researcher and bring together early career and established researchers to share their experiences and top tips on how to smoothen the career transition, how to deal with potential challenges and the opportunities that this transition offers.

Upcoming webinar

There is still one more webinar coming up, don't forget to mark the date below in your calendar!

25 April, 2024- Mental Health and Wellbeing in Academia

In this final webinar that is part of the Navigating Career Success with AESOP YAN and RSA series, we will bring together young academics, established academics and mental health professionals to share coping mechanisms and details on support and resources available.


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