The Coordination Team of the Young Academics Network of AESOP expresses its solidarity with the population of Ukraine and condemns the war of Russia that threatens the safety of all Ukrainians, the country’s sovereignty, and European peace. We are in full support of the statement of AESOP on the Situation in Ukraine and the call for Peace and Justice by the AESOP president and various member school representatives.

We invite our members and supporters to find the most adequate ways to deal with the current situation and explore how everyone can help. As an association, we invite young academics regardless of nationality and origin who are directly affected by the crisis to get in touch with us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Many universities and institutions have opened their doors – among them many AESOP member schools – and we will try to find the best solutions regardless of the adverse circumstances. Lastly, we invite all Young Academics that are looking for a platform to share experiences, ideas, or other related topics to get in touch with us or the AESOP YA blog.