The next AESOP Annual Congress will be held in Paris, France on 8 - 12 July, 2024, with the main theme of “GAME CHANGER? Planning for just and sustainable urban regions” at Sciences PO. We are happy to announce that this year again early career scholars will be appointed as Co-chairs for each of the 18 tracks. 

We invite you to express your interest by uploading a short statement of motivation (max. 1500 characters) that includes an overview of your primary research interests, a recent, short CV, and your one (or several) preferred tracks here: 

Please note that selected Co-chairs are expected to attend the congress, pay the standard registration fee and actively be involved in the duties of abstract assessment. Early career researchers (before finishing their PhD) and young academics with strong links to the track themes will be prioritized in the selection process. In case of remaining spots, more experienced young academics are welcome to support the next Congress team. It is expected that the Co-chairs are coming physically to the venue and will be presenting during the sessions.

The 18 tracks are:

TRACK 01: POSTGROWTH Planning for other worlds and different development models   

TRACK 02: MARKETS Planning and property markets, financialization and private actors

TRACK 03: LAW Planning and procedure, land use tools and land value capture

TRACK 04: BORDERS Integrated planning over the borders, geopolitics and logistics

TRACK 05: MOBILITY Planning for an accessible, affordable and sustainable mobility

TRACK 06: GOVERNANCE Planning and decisions, partnerships and conflicts 

TRACK 07: ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE Planning for resilience, sustainability, climate change and the environment

TRACK 08: PUBLIC SPACE Planning for cultural diversity, peace and the experience of places 

TRACK 09: INCLUSION Planning for fair, multicultural, welcoming and open cities

TRACK 10: EDUCATION Interdisciplinary planning education: challenges, dialogues, innovation

TRACK 11: HOUSING Planning for affordable cities and new models of living

TRACK 12: FUTURING Planning and the ecological design of regions and communities

TRACK 13: THEORIES Multiverse of Planning Theories

TRACK 14: POLICY MOBILITY Planning models, circulation and learning across boundaries 

TRACK 15: HISTORIES Events, narratives and comparison of urban developments from a historical perspective 

TRACK 16: NETWORKS AND DATA Planning the socio-technical systems, digital methods and technologies

TRACK 17: RISK AND CRISES Planning for adaptive capacity: disasters, uncertainty, and long-term problems

TRACK 18: THIRD PARTIES Consultants, practitioners, activists: risks, experiments, and innovation

The deadline for applications has been extended and is now Monday, 9 October 2023, 10 PM CET. The Congress website with more information and the track descriptions will soon be available.