AESOP, the Association of European Schools of Planning, and its Young Academics Network, have a strong presence in some countries but less so in other regions. While we attempt to be as inclusive as possible through structural grants and event location rotations, we would like to go further and, for that, we need your help!

Do you want to become one of the first regional AESOP YA ambassadors and help developing regional and national networks and events, establish the first Europe-wide planning students’ association database, ensure that we reach a more geographically equal representation, among others?

Fill the form linked below and let us know your thoughts. We are looking for a small initial and diverse batch for a period of two years to, jointly with the Coordination Team, set up the structure & objectives, and formalise the concept to become an integral part of AESOP and the YA Network. Please let us know before 13 January 2023, 8 PM CET.

Submit your expression of interest today (it takes 30 seconds!)