We are pleased to announce to you the forthcoming spring school on “Multiple criteria decision making: a key for sustainability”, that will be held in Perugia (Italy) on May 26th -31st, 2014.

The aim of the school is to provide to PhD students and young researchers in their early stage of academic career a comprehensive presentation of the Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) methodologies and their potentials for real world applications. The school will pay attention to both the theoretical basis of MCDA, and the real world applications of MCDA, with a special focus on sustainability issues. Geographical Information Systems concepts, tools and applications in a spatial context will receive a special attention due to their importance in land planning and management.

The school would like also to promote the creation of an active network among young researchers in MCDA; for this reason exchange between participants with respect to their research activity and interests is encouraged.

Placing the school in Perugia, within the ancient Faculty of Agriculture, allows us to welcome students in a location of rare beauty.

The school is organized under the supervision of the EURO Working Group on Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding and will benefit from the contribution of ARPA Umbria (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection) and CeSET (Italian association of appraisers and land economists)

Important dates for the school are:

  • 30th of March: deadline for registration
  • 5th of April: communication of admitted candidates
  • 15th of April: deadline for payment of the fee
  • 25th of May: arrival to Perugia
  • 26th-31st of May: the school takes place.

Looking forward to meeting you soon. 

Sincerely yours,

Antonio Boggia