We received a new call for papers from our network. If you have calls to share, reach out to us!

The call aims at the collection of paper proposals to be included in the “Handbook on the Just Green Transition” that will be proposed for publication to a leading international publisher. The handbook will be open access. The publishing fee is covered by Horizon GreenFORCE project.   

Just Green Transition is now a prominent topic in policy discourse and academic literature as the shift to carbon-neutral technologies has a profound impact for societies, economies and governance processes.

Even though the concept of just green transition is rapidly emerging within academic and policy circles there is no standard definition of what the just green transition is and how it can be implemented effectively to support European regions and societies. This book will: 1) examine the concept of just green transitions and its key dimensions; 2) explore the key policy thematic areas at the heart of the just green transition and socio-economic and governance challenges and opportunities within each policy theme; 3) provide emerging practice examples of just green transition policies developed and implemented across the Western Balkans and other European territories.   

We invite contributions from authors interested in the just green transition concept. We would like to receive chapter ideas under the topics that you can find in the full call for papers abstracts which can be downloaded here.


If you are interested in contributing, please submit an abstract of your contribution by March 15th, 2023.

Confirmation of the selected abstracts around April 7th, 2023

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