Call PhD Video Challenge

This ‘video challenge’ celebrates a diversity of built environment research from PhD students in many countries and built environment disciplines. Collectively, these videos will illustrate the importance and interest of emerging built environment research to civil society, politics and industry.

The theme of this video challenge is “WHY IT MATTERS”. This is an opportunity to explain the significance of your research in relation to major societal issues, articulate a ‘big picture’ view of its potential contribution and impacts. Your video should explain clearly, succinctly and creatively why your research matters and how it fits into the wider context and might contribute to society. It must be aimed at the general public.

By engaging in this video challenge, participants will improve their communication skills and enhance the visibility of their work.

Videos will be showcased to the public (hosted on Vimeo). This will increase public awareness and appreciation of the contribution of built environment research.

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