Call for abstracts now open until 15th February 2023!

The 2023 AESOP PhD Workshop, Poznań will address the main topic of the 2023 AESOP Congress “Integrated Planning in a World of Turbulence”, and will concern in particular the review, analysis, and discussion focusing on planning tools necessary to deal with contemporary challenges and development problems. These challenges are rooted in the effects of global climate change, anthropogenic threats to the natural environment, social migrations and capital flow on a global scale, and technological innovations resulting in changes in management and decision-making methods in business and the public sector.

A particular area of interest for workshop participants will be the assessment of the existing planning methods and approaches in terms of the effectiveness of international and cross-sectoral cooperation in the context of global challenges and threats. The key question will be: Are previously applied planning approaches and methods applicable to the need for the development of multi-level management and governance structures in broader global social migrations and capital flows and transnational and international contexts? 

The workshop's mission is to enable PhD students to share their research ideas, findings, and concerns in an informal atmosphere with mentors, high-level academic tutors, and other young scholars. It is meant to establish a mutual learning environment, allowing the participants to give and receive comments on their research questions, goals, and methods.

The workshop will feature a combination of small group study modules dependent on research themes with plenary sessions and presentations by mentors. The priority of the workshop activities is to ensure a balanced mix of research theory and practice, focusing in particular on research conceptualization and implementation, methodology, and PhD work-life balance content. The workshop will be designed for both PhD students at an early and more advanced stage of doctoral research on methodological and merits-related issues.