Since 1987, AESOP has built an incredible network of planners around the world. AESOP is a community made of your stories, memories, and initiatives! We welcome 7 new members to the AESOP Memories Project team (in alphabetical order) Anjeza Llubani, Dina Moawad, Emma C. McElroy, Fatima Zehra Akman, Nadeesha Lakshani Lankadhikara, Pham Nguyen Anh Thu and Qing Yuan Guo. Congratulations to the new members! 

As part of the AESOP Memories project, we are constructing a webpage and an archive in which we collect and systematize the history of AESOP through the perspectives, stories and memories of AESOP’s members. Memories are not only written texts but also artifacts, pictures, videos and newspapers. 

We invite all AESOP members and fellows to send us their stories of AESOP of conferences, informal meetings, shared initiatives. Feel free to contact us and/or send relevant materials to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.