AESOP Young Academics Network organized a roundtable session on the 17th July 2009, during the AESOP Conference in Liverpool University. The topic of the session was ‘Getting the most out of the funding winning experience'. The focus of this roundtable was to allow newer academics to learn from the practical experiences and insights of more established academics in the field who have been successful in winning funding. This provides a means to consider different approaches to writing a good proposal, how to deal with rejections, and to highlight the practicalities of ensuring that newer academics become more confident in answering funding calls without losing sight of their main career direction. The accent on this event is to encourage an informal atmosphere and a lively inter-generational discussion.

For this purpose, we invited six presenters who are established scholars or young academics who have experience with funding winning. You can find presentations from each presenter in the link...

Louis Albrechts - KU Leuven: Looking for (Public) Support

Angela Hull - Herlot-Watt University: How to use applied research to build upon rather than distract from a scientific career.

Simin Davoudi - University of Newcastle: How to formulate a good research proposa (no powerpoint)

James Hopkins - Regional Studies Association: Getting the most from learned societies

Simon Pemberton - University of Liverpool: Winning funding: a problem or panacea?

Paul Benneworth - University of Twente: Getting the most out of Funding Winning Experience