The AESOP 2007 PhD workshop in Paestum (a famous italian archeological site) offers participants an intensive course to support the development of their PhD research, which requires their active participation and presentation of research issues and methodology.
The main objective of the AESOP PhD workshop is to bring young researchers in the planning field helping them to develop capacity to exchange ideas amongst European and other scholars and to get in touch with the different theoretical and practice cultures of the various countries joining the AESOP network.

The Workshop will focus on papers given by the participants, with keynote lectures by the mentors Alessandro Balducci (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Klaus Kunzmann (Universitaet Dortmund, Germany), John Forester (Cornell University, USA), Luigi Mazza (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), and Michael Neuman (Texas A&M University).

The main focus of the Workshop will be on the principal features of a PhD in planning and the different theoretical and methodological approaches.

PhD students wishing to join the workshop are required to submit an abstract not later than February 28, 2007 accompanied by a letter of introduction.

They'll get notice of the acceptance of their application on April 15, 2007 at the latest.

 The abstract (maximum 500 words) should include:

The aims and objectives of the research
Brief research methodology
 The letter of introduction should include:

- Stage in PhD process
- Whether you have previously participated in an AESOP PhD workshop
- What you hope to achieve joining the PhD workshop
- Workshop presentations and papers

The workshop will be a mixture of small working groups and plenary sessions. Each of the five mentors will work with a small group of 6-7 students. In these small working groups, each participant will have a 45-minute session to present her/his research (max 20 minutes presentation) followed by an informal discussion and feedback.

The participant's presentations as well as their full paper may focus on one or more of the following:

- Main theme of PhD
- Relevance to planning literature
- Research methodology
- Major obstacles in developing research
- Preliminary results

Participants should also state what they would like the discussion to focus on.

Full papers must not exceed 5000 words (excluding references and tables).

The workshop requires active participation during the three days. In addition, participants will be asked to:

- Read full papers of other participants in their working group in advance in order to identify points for discussion and clarification
- Act as a referee for another student in the same group and provide detailed feedback
- Give individual feedback about the success of the workshop, a summary of which will be presented to the AESOP General Assembly, ExCo, Corep and AESOP Young academics co-ordination team.

Cost of the workshop

There will be a cost associated with the workshop, meals and accommodation. As planning and preparation are in the early stages, efforts are currently being made to keep these costs to a minimum, including the negotiation of subsidies. The fees are expected to be around 290 Euros.

More detailed information about the workshop is provided on the AESOP Copngress websites: